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digital PDF integrated foundation.
100-million PDF business users.
*Altering text, images, links, and action form items.
*Allows importing your own items.
*Allows user defined file name saves.
*Automated mail merge.
Automated time and date.
Automated Internet configuration.
Automated Internet connection control panel (240-links to tax, plat map, and other RE data).
Automated mathematical calculation.
*Automated variable form batching and saving.
Automated slide presentations.

Automatically repeats form information.
Calculators (finance-loan-prequal-lease and more).
Check mark, list box, combo box, radio button, and text fields.
Construction project cost calculators.        
Construction regulation codes.
104; 32 Construction detailed manuals and guides.          
Contract and form search tool.
*Control security features.
*Control dissimilar software programs.
Clip-art, corporate-designation logos, images.
*Copy-paste images.
Create transaction forms for every sale.
*Customizable template wizards.
Custom picture library.
*Custom Java script formula adding allowed, for automated calculating, action items, currency conversions, taxes etc.
Custom logo collection standard.
*Database integration features.
Data entry control panel that populates all forms with text.
*Digital signature pen standard.
*Digital signature capable contracts.
*Drag-and-drop form delete or relocate.
*Drag, move, delete, create & name explorer-style menu.
*Drag and drop form printing.
*Easy form importing.
Easy multiple digital program foundations.
*Edit font size, style, and color.
E-mail and batch infinite form combinations.
*E-mail and save in one step.
Embeds form images, page layout, text, and print drivers.
Error free distribution format.
Expanding-folder form storage.
*Export PDF images as .png, .tiff, or .jpg format.
*Export PDF pages and images to .jpg image format.
*Export PDF pages to .html we page format.
*Export PDF pages to text format.
*Export PDF pages to desktop storage folder.
*Export PDF pages to e-mail attachment.
*Export PDF pages to .XM format.
Finance and loan calculators.      
*Folder custom tailoring.
*Folder drag-and-drop relocation.
*Folder creation or deleting.
*Form fields, links, and action item tools.
*Form drag-and-drop customizing.
Form action-items retain features after e-mail.
Free PDF plug-in accessories.

*Import, convert, insert, logos, forms, or images & clip-art.
*Insert new forms target specific tools.
Interactive Internet tips and guides tools.
Interactive preset form action items and links.
Internet hot-spot form links.
Infinite zoom view range: 8-1600%
Keyboard shortcuts.
Merges data entered throughout all forms.
Network ready.
Open and view multiple forms combinations.
Online paper to digital form conversion tools.
Preview and work with actual form (wyswig format).
Print, *save, *e-mail, batch infinite form choices.
*Quicklime & avi movies integration features.
Real Estate electronic brochures.

Real Estate electronic clause, terms, and ad headlines libraries.

Real Estate electronic contracts.
Real Estate electronic e-mail flyers.
Real Estate electronic legal contract libraries.

Real Estate manuals-guides HUD, FHA, RESPA, etc.

Real Estate electronic marketing tools.

Real Estate electronic office forms pack.

Real Estate electronic productivity forms.

Real Estate electronic valuation forms.

Real Estate electronic worksheets.

Right mouse button shortcuts.
*Side-tree menu custom tailoring.
Side-tree explorer-style expanding folder navigation.
Slide shows with automated features.

*Sound voice, and note collaboration tools.

Spell checking tool.
Standard State specific contracts.    
Superior product support by both digital™ and ProForce.

Text data entry fields on all form and contracts.

Training movies for easy learning.
Type directly into forms.
*Unlimited transaction form grouping.

Variable range printing tools.

View existing and saved transactions.
24-hour Web-site free technical support.
Amount of electronic forms.




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